Milton H. Erickson – Through The Looking Glass – An Untold Story – As Told By Bert Erickson

Dedicated to the memory of Elisabeth Moore Erickson for her vital contributions to the work of her husband, Dr. Milton Erickson..

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Remembrance: Betty Alice Erickson, daughter of Dr. Milton Erickson

At the invitation of David and Michael Elliott, her sons, Louis Cauffman delivers a speech of celebration in honor of B.A. at Dr. milton Erickson, her father’s bench on Sqauw Peak.

For at least the past 25 years, B.A., in addition to her private practice, was invited to teach her version of her father’s work, all over the world. She was a wonderful presenter who captured the audience with her presence. B.A. was the closest you could get to the real Dr. Erickson. When her deep blue eyes locked in on you and in minute details she let you experience that, at that moment, you were the only person that was of importance in the whole world; she created connections with her patients and with her students that opened up the hearts and minds …

Obituary: words of remembrance

The Canoe Diary Publication.

About the publication

In order to strengthen his health after a near fatal polio attack and in preparation towards medical school, the young Milton Erickson undertook a solo 1200-mile canoe trip. During his trip, the 21-year-old Milton wrote a detailed diary.

“Something attempted, something done,
has earned a night’s repose.
May each night’s repose be earned!”

Although his canoe trip and the diary is famous, it’s content was totally unknown until Betty Alice Erickson published excerpts in her book ‘Milton H. Erickson, An American Healer’ (2006).

For decades the actual diary was kept in a drawer in Dr. Erickson’s office. In 1956 Dr. Erickson gave the diary to his son Bert and daughter-in-law Lillian because they –as suggested in the Canoe Diary on June 28- made their honeymoon trip in a canoe.

We are happy that Bert and Lillian Erickson, the owners of the diary along with Betty Alice and Allan Erickson, understood the value of sharing this historic document.

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This limited edition publication comes in two volumes.:

volume A contains a facsimile of the original handwritten Canoe Diary.


volume B is an attractive book with with many photographs and the full transcription of the Canoe Diary. It also contains an introductory essay, several personal letters from the Erickson Family, a short illustrated biography with exclusive photographs from the Erickson family album and a nine page memorandum that probably is Dr. Milton Erickson’s very first reflective article. Volume B contains a separately printed EX LIBRIS that Dr. Milton Erickson designed himself.
We include a map so that you can easily follow his journey as it is described in the Diary.

This publication is now available. The two volume publication now is available. It is printed in an extremely limited edition and not for sale in bookshops.

Interested in owning your personal copy?