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Bert and Lillian Erickson, the owners of the Canoe Diary, wrote this endorsement letter.

Letter from Bert Erickson

Everybody interested in the life and work of Dr Erickson has read and heard about his canoe trip and the diary. Almost nobody outside of the Erickson family has ever been able to see it, let alone read it. We are proud and happy to share this historic coming of age document with the world.

The set will contain two volumes: a facsimile and a book with pictures, contextualizing articles, a recently discovered and never published document by Milton Erickson, etc.

I am proud and happy that Bert and Lillian, Betty Alice (aka BA) and Allan Erickson endorse my initiative to share first hand information about their Daddy when he was in his prime and at the top of his professional acumen.


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Pictures from Louis his visit:

Allan with two wonderful granddaughters of Milton Erickson


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