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Diary of Canoe Trip – Summer of 1922


What will you find in your set?

Volume A contains a facsimile of the original handwritten Canoe Diary.
Volume B is an attractive book with with many photographs and the full transcription of the Canoe Diary. It also contains an introductory essay, several personal letters from the Erickson Family, a short illustrated biography with exclusive photographs from the Erickson family album and a nine page memorandum that probably is Dr. Milton Erickson’s very first reflective article. Volume B contains a separately printed EX LIBRIS that Dr. Milton Erickson designed himself.
We include a map so that you can easily follow his journey as it is described in the Diary.

Product details

Volume A Manuscript, 108 color pages, 210mm/140mm,
Volume B Family Picture Book &Transcription, 152 color pages, 210mm/210mm
A map of the Canoe Trip
Ex Libris designed by Dr. Milton Erickson himself
A loose separate printed ticket with quotes like it also is found in the original
ISBN: 978-9090302287
Shipping Worldwide included
Weight: 602 grams

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